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A Wise Alternative – Antique Wedding Rings

Antique Wedding RingsFor those that are looking for something different in the way of wedding rings, there are several options. Professional jewelers can design any kind of ring you want with any kind of metal or stones. Something that is becoming popular in wedding ring trends is antique wedding rings.

There are a number of ways that you can get antique wedding rings-it doesn’t have to be the traditional family heirloom that is passed down through generations. In fact, you can buy heirloom quality antique wedding rings from estate sales, and some professional jewelers have actual antique wedding rings in their inventory that were taken in as trade or through jewelry auctions. They can also design antique replicas from anything you want.

Most couples that choose antique wedding rings are conservative by nature and want a more traditional wedding. Of course, the quality of Antique Wedding Rings are usually better than many found today. Stones were selected for higher perfection and metals were heavier by carat weight. Antique wedding rings are a wise alternative to the modern, contemporary choices.

There are many websites on the Internet that are sources for antique wedding rings, you just need to be careful and do research on them first. You want to be sure you are dealing with a reputable source. If you are buying from an individual, you will want to see if they have a jewelry appraisal, diamond certification or any other paperwork that can vouch for the authenticity.

There are many choices of metals, stones and designs to choose from. It was not unusual for antique wedding rings to have rubies, emeralds and sapphires set with the diamonds and many of the bands were highly detailed and ornate, like antique filigree bands.

Antique wedding rings can be a wise alternative to contemporary ring choices, and you can also make an investment that will appreciate if you are purchasing a real antique that has some rarity by the nature of the design and the quality of the stones. An heirloom quality ring is what you should be looking for in actual antique wedding rings.

If you opt to have antique replica rings made, you will need to have some idea of the styles and stones you are looking for. A professional jeweler can give you ideas, and they can offer an array of metals, stones and settings that duplicate some of the qualities of antique wedding rings.

Take your time when you are deciding which option you want for your antique wedding rings, because if you choose to have a custom replica made only to decide you want an investment grade antique, you will regret the differences between the two, especially when it comes to an asset that can appreciate or be sought by collectors.

The important thing is that you are satisfied with whatever option you choose. Antique Wedding Rings are a wise alternative when you are looking for a different style of wedding rings that are unique and have history behind them, also. Of course, a replica can serve the purpose if you prefer to design your own, and don’t care that much about the antique quality as much as getting the appearance of antique wedding rings.

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How to Select Antique Wedding Rings

Selecting antique wedding rings is a choice that the bride and groom should both agree to. It isn’t quite right that one has an antique ring and the other doesn’t. In most cases, a couple has decided that they want a traditional wedding, old-fashioned romance and antique wedding rings to symbolize their union, so usually it is easy for a couple to agree whether they want them or not.

Obviously, contemporary weddings aren’t quite right for antique wedding rings, and vice versa. Usually, it is something that you want to reflect throughout the wedding day and is part of your wedding’s theme.

Of course, there are some couples that are already married, and may decide they can better afford new wedding rings in their later years, or as an anniversary. Another circumstance where antique wedding rings can enter the picture is through an heirloom that was passed down from a grandmother. Regardless, there are a few tips for those that are in the market to purchase antique wedding rings.

Tip One-Research the sellers you are considering. This should go without saying, but there are several ways to buy antique wedding rings, including online at websites, jewelry stores and antique stores. Sometimes, an individual will be selling a family heirloom or you might find them at estate sales. If you are looking for an authentic antique, you may want to consult a professional jeweler or antique dealer before purchasing antique wedding rings.

Tip Two-Take your time and find the style you want. Keep in mind that jewelers can also design the antique ring you want- it just won’t be an authentic antique. Some couples just like the looks of antique wedding rings and don’t care whether it is really antique, so this is a great option for those couples. Don’t rush into purchasing a ring until you have decided exactly what you want. Also, determine if it matters whether they are real antiques or not.

Tip Three-An antique appraiser or jewelry appraiser can give you a detailed appraisal of the rings you are looking at and verify whether the stones are real and if they are really antique. Many that are looking for authentic antique wedding rings will want to have a reputable antique dealer look for them or appraise any rings they find. You will want to get an appraisal for insurance purposes anyway, so this is a necessary step to protect yourself and get a good price range of what the rings are worth.

Tip Four-If you are lucky enough to have the choice of antique heirlooms, you may want to decide whether you want new stones added, they need to be sized or if you want to opt for designing your own antique wedding rings, even though they are not authentic. Depending on whether you are looking for the traditional heirloom quality can determine which route you prefer for selecting your antique wedding rings.

No matter what criteria you use for selecting antique wedding rings, there are a large number of styles and sources to get them from. Just be sure to protect yourself and take your time while selecting antique wedding rings for your marriage.

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Symbols of Old-fashioned Romance – Antique Wedding Rings

Antique Wedding RingsAntique wedding rings give a newlywed couple a link to old-fashioned romance that newer styles of bands and settings don’t reflect. The tradition of antique wedding rings started from back in the days when an heirloom wedding ring was passed from generation to generation. It was a token of marrying a husband’s family, as well as them accepting a new bride when his grandma’s wedding ring was exchanged during the vows.

Now, antique wedding rings not only come in the style of heirlooms that are passed down, but many of the antique wedding rings can be found at estate sales, jewelry auctions, professional jewelers and online catalogs. Nothing says old-fashioned romance like an antique filigree ring, although there are many attractive designs of antique wedding rings.

Some couples may opt to add new stones or bigger ones to antique wedding bands they find. Of course, when it comes to old fashioned romance, most couples either agree on a traditional old fashioned wedding and antique wedding rings, or they opt for a more contemporary wedding and wedding rings.

There are many couples today that wish to get back to simpler times and good, old-fashioned romance and tradition, and that seems to be where the most demand for antique wedding bands is being generated. Because they were traditional symbols of old-fashioned romance, they are a way to share a link with the past when the divorce rates were not so high.

Of course, some believe that the good luck that comes with antique wedding rings could be partly the cause of those longer lasting marriages, and some believe it is the heirloom quality and what it represents when a grooms family accepts and trusts a new bride enough to let her be in charge of grandma’s antique wedding rings.

Whatever the reason, antique wedding rings are highly popular not only for their intricate details and higher quality materials, but some like the antique patina they reflect, and others like to clean and shine them up like new, but just like the traditional designs that reflect old-fashioned romance.

Some antique dealers that specialize in antique jewelry can have some deals on antique wedding rings- you just want to be sure you are dealing with somebody reputable to be certain that the gold and diamonds are authentic. Also, some of the newer rings look like antiques, but they aren’t, so you want to be sure you are getting authentic antique wedding rings, regardless of the source.

Of course, it’s hard to beat the real thing-grandma and grandpa’s antique wedding rings, but if you don’t have that option and you are still looking for the old-fashioned romance their marriage had, you can find antique wedding rings from a number of sources. Careful research is probably the most important thing in finding suitable choices that fit your ideals.

Whether you choose lacy antique filigree rings or simple bands, old-fashioned romance and a traditional wedding is something many couples still long for and they are the ones searching for antique wedding bands. There are many options to locate them and bring the old-fashioned romance that leads to a happy, lasting marriage into your wedding. - Wedding rings and Wedding Bands